Frequently Asked Questions Motorola BPR40 Portable Two Way Radio

Question:  Wil the BPR40 work with other radios from other brands?

Answer:  The other radios must be the same band, frequency, and use the same tones.  Generally any analog radio will work

Question:  Does it come with a battery and charger?

Answer:  It comes with a Motorola Original Battery and single charger

Question:  Whats the part number for the replacement belt clip?

Answer:  PMLN4743A

Questions:  What is the proper replacement antenna for the BPR40

Answer:  UHF uses the PMAE4020, VHF uses the PMAD4051AR

Question:  Is there a way to clone these radios?

Answer:  Yes, see these instruction:  

Question:  Does it come with one or two radios

Answer:  Only one radio

Question:  Do we need an FCC license to operate these radios?

Answer:  Yes, we can help if you don’t

Question:  What is the range for the BPR40?

Answer:  Approx 1 mile without a repeater

Question:  Are the BPR40s compatible with the BPR20

Answer:  Yes

Question:  Do you repair the BPR40 radios

Answer:  Yes, use this link for more information:

Question:  Do you repair the radios in house or send them to Motorola

Answer:  We repair all radio in house

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