Diga-Talk+ Console Software / Dispatch v3.6.4

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Diga-Talk+ PC Console Dispatch Software for our DTP9700 3G / DTP9650 4G LTE / DTP9750 4G LTE Radios. The latest and greatest console sofware for the Diga-Talk+ network.

The PC Dispatch Console Software provides you a look at your mobile workforce activity. You can communicate and monitor individual or team activities as well as take care of emergency SOS notifications. With the optional Real-Time GPS tracking, you get a complete visible where your field team is located. Messaging capabilities and Alerts; Geo-fence and emergencies.

Based on a multi-functional and visualization dispatching system, includes one to one call, one to many calling, the ability to send short messages, multi-group monitoring, dynamic regrouping, and GPS tracking. It can provide timely dispatching functions for any company. The operational environment of the Diga-Talk+ Console is Windows based. A USB microphone and speakers will be needed for full operation.