motorola bpr40 uhf 8ch 1-5 watt

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BPR40 Two Way (Mag One) by Motorola is a new two-way option - at an incredible value and price that is perfect for your business. The Mag One by Motorola BPR40 two-way offers a new choice of affordable communications with a complete range of accessories for customization. So when you select the BPR40, you will experience a reliable, easy to use two-way  at a value. Motorola is excited to introduce an affordable, high-performance communication tool that offers enhanced value and a reliable solution for you with great quality backed by Motorola. Motorola is excited to introduce an affordable, high-performance communication tool that offers enhanced value and a reliable solution for you with great quality backed by Motorola service and a 1-year limited warranty. Motorola develop the BPR40 two-way  with several key factors in mind to provide you with great quality and enhanced value. These key factors represent the essential elements you are looking for, and the BPR40 by Motorola brings them all together. Schools Hotels & Resorts Retail Stores All BPR40 models include:

1200mAh NiMH Battery 6-Hour Mid-rate Charger 2" Spring Belt Clip VHF/UHF Antenna Operating Manuals Safety Manual 1-Year Limited Radio Warranty Designed specifically for businesses and organizations that need a reliable, easy-to-use communication tool, we develop our two-way radios with two key factors in mind – quality and value. Mag One by  is the perfect choice for schools, retail operations, hospitality and entertainment establishments and light construction businesses. Why? Because Mag One by  two-way radios provide the instant communication that helps improve performance and safety – allowing employees to do their jobs more efficiently and productively. It’s also affordable enough to allow you to outfit your entire team with instant communication. • Value – you’ll get the most for your money • Legendary Reliability – Motorola radios perform time and again • Ease-of-use – simple operation with no training required • Audio Quality – messages come through loud and clear • Programmable – customize features to meet each user’s needs • Power Flexibility – for locations close at hand or spread over a distance

The Mag One by  BPR 40 An affordable, high-performance communication tool that will be a reliable solution for your communication needs. When you equip your work force with the BPR 40, they will be able to react more efficiently. Quicker response, better customer service, saved trips, and increased safety – they all add up to better operations and a streamlined process. The Mag One by  BPR 40 two-way  not only provides affordable communication, but also a complete assortment of accessories for customization. And it’s backed by service and a 1-year limited  warranty*. It’s a little  with a big list of features: • 8 or 16 channels for communication to a wide group • 2 programmable buttons for easy access to frequently used features • 12 programmable features to choose from including a customized feature of your choice • Small size and light weight provides comfort during long work shifts • High/Low power provides flexibility for a variety of situations • Affordably priced • A variety of Mag One accessories enhance  versatility • Backed by  service and a 1-year limited warranty  



Dimensions 4.21 x 2.28 x 1.46 in.
Display No
Emergency Button No
Keypad No
Markets Educational, construction, entertainment, hospitals, university, mining, service, hotel, casino, bearcom
Programming Programmed with Motorola CPS software (not included) and requires a programming cable
Frequency Band UHF
Frequency Range 450-470Mhz
Other Know Part Numbers BPR40, Mag One, AAH84RCS8AA1 N, AAH84RCS8AA1, AAH84RCS8AA1AN
Repeater Capable Yes
What's in the Box Radio, antenna, batter, single charger, belt clip and users manual
Output Power Four Watts
Channel Capacity Eight
IP Rating 810 C, 810 D, 810 E, 810 F
Radio Technology Analog
Warranty One Year
Average Battery Life 8 hours (high power - 4W/5W); 11 hours (low power - 1W)