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RLN6495 - Headset Boom Microphone

Motorola RLN6495 replacement boom microphone for RLN6490 and RLN6491XBT headsets.   Physical Char..


WPLN6905 - Keyload RS-232 Cable - Motorola Solutions

Motorola [WPLN6905B] APX 7000 Keyload RS-232 Cable Physical Characteristics Weight (lb): 0.01 Di..


RSM Replacement Cable

RSM Replacement Cable..


NNTN8182 Rugged Battery for SRX series

​Motorola NNTN8182B rugged, submersible, high-capacity 3100 mAh Li-Ion battery for the SRX Series ra..


Ten Pack PMNN4494A Impres Li-Ion Battery 5100mAh

Ten Pack of PMNN4494A IMPRES 2 Li-Ion, 5100mAh battery is IP68 rated, which means it can be ..


PMMN4067 - ATEX CSA Remote Speaker Microphone

This ATEX-certified IMPRES Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) with volume control and emergency button ..


NNTN8863 IMPRES 2 Single-unit Charger

This IMPRES 2 Single Unit Charger keeps you safer, smarter and powered for longer. When your rad..


PMNN4489 Motorola IMPRES 2900 mAh Li-Ion Battery

IMPRES 2900 mAh, Li-Ion high capacity battery, low voltage, IP68 (TIA). This battery will provide 25..


Motorola NNTN8560A IMPRES 2500 mAh Li-Ion IP67 HazLoc Battery 



PMNN4504 Impres Li-Ion Battery 2650mAh

IMPRES 2 Li-Ion, 3400mAh, UL2054 DIV2 battery is IP68 rated, which means it can be fully submersed i..


Motorola OEM PMLN5011 Temple Transducer, boom mic - 2 pin

Bone conduction enables you to receive audio without covering your ears, allowing you to either wear..


FNB-V129LI-UNI 3000 mAh Li-Ion Battery (VAC-UNI Charger)

FNB-V129LI-UNI 3000 mAh Li-Ion Battery for Vertex VX 820/920 Series Portable Two Way Radios. Physic..


FNB-V129LIIS 3000 mAh Li-Ion Battery, Intrinsically Safe

FNB-V129LIIS-UNI 3000mAh Li-Ion Intrinsically Safe Battery. Intrinsically safe, Lithium -Ion battery..


CDN6290 - Noise-Canceling Supra Monaural

This noise-canceling supra monaural replaces the voice tube with unidirectional microphone. Physic..


RMN5035 - UHF Public Safety Microphone, 30" Straight Cable

Public safety speaker microphones are specially designed to help cancel ambient noise during transmi..


RMN5075 UHF Public Safety Microphone, 24" Straight Cable

Public Safety Microphones – PSM The newly designed Public Safety Microphones feature a straight cord..


RMN5036 - VHF Public Safety Microphone With 30-Inch Straight Cable

This speaker mic features a VHF band, a Public Service Mic (PSM), an antenna, a swivel clip, a volum..


RMN5083 Desktop Microphone 2

RMN5083 Desktop Microphone for the XTL5000 mobile radio,  Used for a control station RMN5083, RMN50..


NMN6247A NMN6247 UHF Public Safety Mic with 30 inch Straight Cord.

NMN6247 UHF Public Safety Mic with 30 inch Straight Cord. XTS5000, XTS3000, XTS3500 Public safety ..


RMN4048A Temple Transducer Headset

The temple transducer allows communication even while wearing earplugs, so that you can still hear m..


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