Motorola Two Way Radio Flat Rate Repairs


Regardless where the radio was purchased we can fix it!

Radiotwoway is one of the largest repair centers for Motorola portable two way radio equipment.  Some of the advantages we offer:

- We offer flate rate repair that includes parts, labor and shipping back from our facility
- We have the fastest turnaround time in the industry (typically 3 days)
- We have the latest state of the art test equipment
- All repairs are guaranteed for one year
- We keep track of all repairs and help you determine if the radio should be repaired again

Our repair process is simple, fill out our repair form and send in the broken portable, mobile, base station, or repeater and we will ship the repaired unit back with no charge for shipping.  We do thousands of repairs every year and have all the required inventory for a fast turnaround.  

Our Simple Process

We aree committed to providing the highest quality repair service with making it as easy as possible for you to get your equipment repaired.   

1.  Fill out and Print our repair form.  Download Here
2.  Print your shipping label
3.  Pack your equipment and give it to your Fedex driver or Fedex drop off location (Click here for location finder)
4.  We receive your equipment and begin the repair process.
5.  We will send your equipment back repaired.

Tier 1 - $58.00 CP125-CP150-BPR40
Tier 2 - $88.00 CP185-DTR650-CP200-CP200d
Tier 3 - $90.00 CM200-CM200d-CM300-CM300d
Tier 4 - $139.00 EX560-EX600-CDM750-CDM1250-CDM1550-HT750-HT1250
Tier 5 - $119.00 SL300 SL3500E
Tier 6 - $129.00 XPR6550-XPR6350-XPR6580-XPR6380
Tier 7 - $235.00 XTL or XTS series radios
Tier 8 - $258.00 XPR series mobile or portable radios
Tier 9 - $450.00 APX series mobile or portable radios

Payment Methods