Motorola TRBO and Analog System design services


Whether you're looking to optimise an existing communications solution or deploy a new network, it can be a risky endeavor - requiring significant time and focus. You need to be assured of success on-time, first-time around.

Our specialist teams work closely with you to define clear requirements and develop detailed designs and project plans to meet your network availability, performance and security objectives.  Equipped with deep domain expertise, they use well-proven models and design tools to ensure the network is optimally designed to provide the coverage, capacity, and security posture your organisation requires.

Systems that we have designed:

  1.  Motorola TRBO Digital
  2.  Capacity Plus
  3.  Connect Plus
  4.  IP Site Connect
  5.  Capacity Max
  6.  Analog 

Types of sites:

  1.  Hospitals
  2.  Schools
  3.  Colleges
  4.  Campuses
  5.  Factories
  6.  Public Safety and Fire
  7.  Casinos
  8.  Manufacturing 
  9.  Construction 
  10.  Oil and Gas
  11.  Utilities

How the process works:

  1.  Needs assessment (Area of coverage, type of radios)
  2.  FCC license audit to determine if you are compliant
  3.  We will Provide expected coverage maps
  4.  We will determine what the return on investment is (building the business case)

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Payment Methods