Motorola Multi Unit Chargers - Six 6 Bank

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PMLN6687 Multi-Unit Charger for SL series

110 VAC US and Canada Sleek and functional design enables you to charge up to six SL Series radios o..


PMLN6597A PMLN6597 CP185 6 Bank Multi Charger from Motorola

PMLN6597 PMLN6597A The multi-unit charger has a compact design for a smarter, more productive worksp..


WPLN4120BR 6 Bank Charger

This item has been replaced by the PMPN4134.  The WPLN4120BR is aOriginal Impres..


WPLN4212B Six Bank Charger

Innovative charging and reconditioning system that streamlines and automates battery maintenance. Ta..


Motorola WPLN4109BR IMPRES 6 Unit Charger 220V / 240V

IMPRES Smart Energy System ensures maximum talk-time and optimized battery cycle life. This smart en..


PMLN6371A Charger Multi Unit Rapid For a CP185

This item has been replaced by


WPLN4192 impres Multi Unit Charger w/Display Modules

Impres multi-unit chargers are now available with a two line LCD display module that communicates im..


Motorola PMLN6687A PMLN6687 Six-Pocket-Multi-Unit Charger with Power Cord

Elegant and functional design enables you to charge up to six SL Series radios or batteries simultan..


Motorola RLN6309 Two-way radio charging stand + battery charger

The Motorola RLN6309 Multi-Unit Charger can hold up to six (6) radios at once making this accessory ..


6-Slot BPR40 Charger PMPN4184

The Motorola RLN6393A for BPR40 Mag One. This is a Multi-unit 110V AC Rapid Rate Charger with Six Dr..


WPLN4187A Charger IMPRES Multi Unit



Motorola PMLN7101 6 Pocket Rapid Charger - SL300

Currenly Backordered until 10/1/21 Motorola PMLN7101 6 Pocket Rapid Charger - SL300 / TLK 100 PMLN..


WPLN4130 WPLN4130A Charger IMPRES? Multi Unit with Display Modules

WPLN4130 Multi-unit charger displays powerful, real-time analyzing information for IMPRES batteries ..


PMLN6588A Charger Multi Unit Rapid

Six bank (6) for the CP200, CP200d, PR400, and CP150.   Multi-unit charger has a compac..


Motorola Impres WPLN4108BR Two-way radio charging

Through the use of advanced charging algorithms and automatic reconditioning features, the Impres sm..


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