Kenwood Parts and Accessories

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KNOB (SELECTOR) TK-2360, TK-3360

KNOB (SELECTOR) TK-2360, TK-3360..


KNB-17BK NiCD Battery Kenwood

KNB-17BK Intrinsically Safe NiCD Battery Kenwood (1500 mAh)..


KNB-16A NiCD Battery Kenwood

KNB-16A NiCD Battery Kenwood (1100 mAh)..


KNB-22N NiMH Battery Kenwood

KNB-22N NiMH Battery Kenwood (2100 mAh)..


KNB-21N NiMH Battery Kenwood

KNB-21N NiMH Battery Kenwood (1500 mAH)..


KNB-4 Refillable Battery Pack Kenwood

KNB-4 AA Refillable Battery Pack Kenwood (holds 12 AA sized cells)..


KNB-47L Li-ion Battery Kenwood

KNB-47L Li-ion Battery Kenwood (1950 mAh)..


KNB-26N Disc, see KNB-56N

KNB-26N NiMH Battery Pack Kenwood (2,000 mAh)..


KLH-139 Case Kenwood

KLH-139 Leather Case with Swivel Belt Loop Kenwood (for DTMF Model)..


KHS-22 Head Set Kenwood

KHS-22 Head Set Kenwood..


KHS-7A Muff Head Set Kenwood

KHS-7A Lightweight Single Muff Head Set Kenwood..


KHS-8BE Mic Kenwood

KHS-8BE 2 Wire-Palm with Earphone Mic Kenwood..


KHS-9BE Lapel Mic Kenwood

KHS-9BE 3-way Lapel Mic with Earphone Kenwood..


KHS-8BL Mic Kenwood

KHS-8BL Palm Mic with earphone Kenwood (black)..


KRA-15 Antenna Kenwood

KRA-15 UHF Whip Antenna Kenwood..


KLH-116 Case Kenwood

KLH-116 Hard Leather Case with Swivel Kenwood..


KLH-76B Case Kenwood

KLH-76B Heavy-duty Leather Carrying Case Kenwood..


KNB-57L Li-ion Battery Pack Kenwood

Li-ion Battery Pack Kenwood ***Relaced KNB-35L ***..


KMC-17 Speaker Microphone Kenwood

KMC-17 Speaker Microphone Kenwood..


KBP-22NC NiMH Battery Kenwood

KBP-22NC I.S. NiMH Battery Kenwood (2100 mAh)..


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