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RLN6512 Foam Hearing Protectors (medium)

Filtered to reduce noises Foam-tipped design and memory foam canal tips ..


ICOM FR4000 Repeater with antenna and cabling

Used ICOM FR4000 Repeater with antenna and cabling..


Motorola HKLN4608A Transparent Tube Replacement

Motorola HKLN4608A is the replacement transparent tube with one rubber earbud for the HKLN4477A..


Maxell Videocassette 8 Hour Blank

Maxell 8-Hour VHS VideoCassette Tape High Grade T-160 Up To 327 Minutes New Sealed (Only 3 Units Ava..


One Thousand

Tranfer ..






Remote Control Head Mobile Accessory Port (MAP) Connector for O5 Control Heads (rear connector) ..


Motorola LB000623A01 Speaker Grill Sticker

Motorola LB000623A01 Speaker Grill Sticker..


Motorola 3275377H01 APX Seal, Cap, Torque Adder

Motorola 3275377H01 Seal, Cap, Torque Adder - APX..


1835-1150 Magnetic Vertical Pocket Badge Holder - CR80 / Credit Card Size

Credit Card Size Vertical Shielded Megnetic Badge Holder – 1 Pack Clear Front – Black B..


Motorola 01012093001 Motorola Shroud Assembly CP200d

Shroud Assembly, Audio Jack for CP200d..


RLN6542 Hygiene Tape

Hygiene tape for microphone Foam tape protects against the spreading of disease Compatible with ..


PMLN6086 Belt Clip 2.5 plastic

2.5 inch belt clip. Built with durable plastic to ensure the radio stays on securely and within easy..


RMN5131 Metal Boom with Microphone

All-in-one hearing protector Hands free mobility Designed for industrial users working in high n..


HLN1439G Mobile Siren

Mobile siren Compatible with the APX mobile radio series..


RLN6543 Boom Microphone Shield Foam

This is a protective wind shield for dynamic boom microphones. Physical Characteristics Weight (l..


Motorola PMPN4175A IMPRES2 Desktop Single-Unit Charger

Single-Unit Impress Charger designed for use with the following radios: XTS1500, XTS2500, XTS3000, X..


HKN6032 Motorcycle Power Cable

Motorcycle Power Cable  ..


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XE SERIES REMOTE SPEAKER MICROPHONE (RSM) Designed by Firefighters for Firefighters. These rugged microphones have exaggerated controls you can operate with bulky gloves and an asymmetrical shape so you can find the controls you need without looking. The new XE500 RSM features a designated Channel Knob that has been designed to mimic the Channel Knob of the radio. The XE500 utilizes 5 integrated microphones and an Adaptive Audio Engine which automatically changes the level of noise suppression, microphone gain, windporting and speaker equalization to produce clear and loud audio an any environment. The strategic placement of the microphones and enhanced water drainage provide users with the flexibility to wear it straight, upside down and even sideways

WIRELESS REMOTE SPEAKER MICROPHONE Secure pairing is easier than ever with voice prompts as there is no need to navigate menus or enter codes. Removing the cord from the RSM makes getting ready for work quicker than ever. No more worrying about getting tangled with the seatbelt or other equipment. This wireless RSM features a large, but recessed pushto-talk and emergency buttons to ensure that users have easy access to controls but don’t have to worry about accidental activation. Additional features include volume control, an audio jack, 360 degree rotatable clip, as well as a task light that allows you to read items such as a driver’s license in the dark.

APX WIRELESS RSM Every feature on this RSM has been purposefully designed. Large, yet recessed push-to-talk and emergency buttons are easy to access and designed to prevent accidental activation. Additional features include a volume control, audio jack and task light that allows you to read items such as a driver’s license in the dark. This RSM features all of the advanced capabilities of Mission Critical Wireless including enhanced security, fast push-to-talk and quick touch pairing with voice prompts that confirm pairing actions. This RSM also features a removable and rechargeable battery. Charge the RSM on the go with the vehicular charger or in the office with the dual-unit desk charger.

WHICH MICROPHONES ARE 50% LOUDER AND CLEARER? APX Remote Speaker Microphones and Public Safety Microphones deliver audio that is clearer, easier to understand, and up to 50% louder. That’s because they have the same speaker found in APX portable radios for the best-in-class accessory audio available.

HOW CAN I COMMUNICATE SAFELY ON THE ROAD? The IMPRES visor microphone with the external push-button or footswitch PTT lets you communicate hands-free so you can communicate safely and easily without taking your eyes off the road. IMPRES audio helps ensure your voice is heard regardless of how closely you are speaking into the microphone or how much engine, siren or road noise is in the background.

WHICH MICROPHONE IS RIGHT FOR ME? WINDPORTING AUDIO: I HEAR YOU, NOT THE WIND If you work outdoors in demanding weather, a Windporting microphone is right for you. It reduces the effects of wind and other sounds whenever you use the microphone. It also prevents water from clogging the microphone for clear transmissions.

NOISE-CANCELING AUDIO: I HEAR YOU, NOT THE NOISE Talking in a crowd or near heavy equipment? A Noise-Canceling microphone reduces background sounds. To optimize noise reduction, hold the microphone in the correct position directly in front of your mouth, facing the source of the noise.

DUAL MIC NOISE SUPPRESSION: I HEAR YOU, EVEN WHEN YOU CAN’T HEAR YOURSELF Virtually blocks out all background noise in demanding and extreme noise environments so you can always communicate clearly

* International Protection (IP) is a global standard for rating dust and water protection. The first digit IP5x or IP6x represents increased levels of dust protection, while the second digit, IPx7 represents withstanding submersion in 1 meter of fresh water for 30 minutes. Rugged batteries exceed industry standards (IPx7) for submersibility and provide a higher level of water protection – MIL-STD-810E, Method 512.3 (Immersion). These batteries meet the incremental requirement of submersion in 1 meter of fresh water that is 27C colder than the product for 2 hours.