APX1000 Battery Chargers

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Motorola 2580600E05 Travel Charger Transformer

110 Volts to 12 DC transformer.  Used to power a 12 Volt device from a standard 110Volt outlet...


WPLN4212B Six Bank Charger

Innovative charging and reconditioning system that streamlines and automates battery maintenance. Ta..


RLN6433 Portable vehicle charger

Conveniently charge your radio while in the vehicle. The travel charger's small, compact design allo..


Motorola NNTN7677 Multi-unit charger interface unit for IMPRES

NNTN7677 Multi-unit charger interface unit for IMPRES Battery Fleet Management Charger Interface ..


NNTN8525 Motorola Travel Charger

This compact travel charger allows the radio to be used while rapid charging in the charger base. Un..


Motorola PMPN4174A Single Charger for XPR3000 XPR3500 series

Replaces the wpln4232 This rapid-rate, tri-chemistry, innovative charging and reconditioning system ..


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