APX3000 Antennas

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PMAD4125 - GPS Dribble Antenna, 136–174 MHz

This antenna works with the MOTOROLA APX3000 radio. This GPS Dribble antenna from Motorola Soluti..


PMAE4080A PMAE4080 Motorola Flexible Antenna UHF 380-470

Flexible Antenna, UHF Includes three flexible antenna spacers for APX 3000. This antenna only wor..


Motorola PMAE4065 UHF Whip Antenna for APX Radios

The PMAE4065 UHF (380-520 MHz) single-band antenna for APX portable radios integrates GPS and has an..


NAF5085 700/800 MHz Whip Antenna (764-870 MHz)

NAF5085-700/800 MHz Whip Antenna. PMAE4065-UHF Whip Antenna. This 700/800 MHz (764-870 MHz) single-b..


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