APX3000 Battery Chargers

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NNTN6937A NNTN6937 - Motorola XTS4000 CHARGER CRADLE

XTS4000 desktop charger – 1 Year Warranty This accessory features a charger cradle for XTS40..


Motorola 2580600E05 Travel Charger Transformer

110 Volts to 12 DC transformer.  Used to power a 12 Volt device from a standard 110Volt outlet.  ..


6 PACK- NNTN8170 NNTN8170A - Motorola Insert for WPLN4108 / WPLN4130 XTS

Six Pack of Adapters These adapters are designed to fit the WPLN4108, WPLN4181, WPLN4130 six-bank c..


IMPRES Dual-Unit Charger

This item has been discontinued and replaced by https://www.radiotwoway.com/impres-dual-unit-charger..


Motorola PMLN7120 WRSM Dual Charger US

Wireless Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) dual unit charger (DUC) with NA power supply. With this dua..


NNTN8045 IMPRES fleet management charger interface unit, single-unit

NNTN8045 IMPRES fleet management charger interface unit, single-unit This single-unit charger inter..


NNTN8525 Motorola Travel Charger

This compact travel charger allows the radio to be used while rapid charging in the charger base. Un..


NNTN7616, NNTN7616A IMPRESS Vehicular Charger

NNTN7616 Vehicle Charger: The NNTN7616 Charger is a Motorola Original Vehicular Charger. The NNTN761..


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