APX6000 Portable Radio

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RLN4920 Wireless Neckloop

RLN4920A  is the Phonak Inductive Neckloop (ONLY) and works with the (RLN4922A Kit).  ..


0180300E25 Earguard for Ear Microphone Systems

The ear microphone is a compact, lightweight unit that picks up sound through bone vibrations in you..


0180358B37 Clear Large Earholder

Miniature ear microphone Ear microphone system compact and lightweight Large size clear model..


PMLN6712 Clamshell Battery Carry Case

·         Clamshell battery case   ·  &..


0180358B33 Medium Earholder

Ear guard helps protect and secure  Ear microphone system compact and lightweight   ..


HKN6122 Data Cable

22-foot RS232 data cable for J600 transceiver interconnect board (TIB)...


RLN6480 Integrated Ear Microphone

CommPort Integrated Ear Microphone/Receiver System With On-Palm PTT.  Works with the APX series..


HLN6969 External Alarm Relays

 External Alarm Relays ..


HAE6014 Motorcycle Mount UHF Antenna

Low profile UHF antenna Compatible with the APX mobile radio series Multiple RF bands, only one ..


RLN6482 CommPort

Integrated Ear Microphone/Receiver System with PTT on Adapter (Includes adapter BDN6783) for APX ser..


PMLN6829 Tactical Ear Microphone

This tactical ear microphone picks up sound through bone vibrations in the ear canal, giving personn..


HKN6187 Control Head Accessory Cable

This cable provides connections for control head power, speaker, and headset jack. For APX and XTS 2..


3075217A02 Motorcycle Remote Control cable for 05 head

 Motorcycle Remote Cable Cable for O5 / M5 Control Head ..


RLN6481 APX Radio Adapter

The advanced, self-adjusting microphone and miniature receiver make it possible to communicate under..


PMUN1046 Universal Relay Control Box

·         Universal Relay Control Box, O9 ·  &n..


NNTN8434 Completely Discreet Wireless Surveillance Kit

·         With the tiny receiver totally hidden in the ear ..


NNTN4990 Replacement D-Ring Swivel 12 Pack

 Replacement D-Ring Swivel Clip PK/12 360 degrees, provides additional flexibility to clip..


NNTN7676 IMPRES Battery Management Application

·         Provides the most accurate information on each bat..


RAE4164ARB Mount Antenna

UHF, 3dB gain, low profile, black roof mount antenna that comes with the mounting kit (includes a ..


HMN4103 IMPRES Display Remote Speaker Microphone

The rugged Remote Speaker Microphones (RSM) features volume control, two programmable buttons, and a..


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