APX6000 Battery Chargers

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Motorola 2580600E05 Travel Charger Transformer

110 Volts to 12 DC transformer.  Used to power a 12 Volt device from a standard 110Volt outlet...


WPLN4120BR 6 Bank Charger

This item has been replaced by the PMPN4134.  The WPLN4120BR is aOriginal Impres..


IMPRES Multi-Unit Charger with Display Modules

This 6-unit, rapid-rate charger displays critical battery information including: current charge stat..


NNTN7687 NNTN7687A Insert for WPLN4111 XTS Single-Unit Charger

Insert for WPLN4111.  Plastic insert for single unit charger adapter for APX8000, 7000, 6000 ba..


Insert for WPLN4108/4130 XTS Multi-Unit Charger

Motorola NNTN7686A: The NNTN7686A is a Motorola Original Adapter Cup. The NNTN7686A Adapter Cups are..


RLN5382 IMPRES, Charger Display Module 2

Individual IMPRES display module that is used with IMPRES multi-unit chargers that do not have a dis..


NLN7967 Mount for six-unit charger.

OEM Motorola NLN7967A Wall Mount Bracket for Impres Multi-Unit Charger - BlackIdeal charger for mult..


Motorola RLN6434 12V DC Vehicle Travel Charger - APX 7000,6000

Motorola RLN6434 12V DC Vehicle Travel Charger - APX 7000,6000 RLN6434, RLN6434A, RLN6434B, RLN64..


NNTN7616, NNTN7616A IMPRESS Vehicular Charger

NNTN7616 Vehicle Charger: The NNTN7616 Charger is a Motorola Original Vehicular Charger. The NNTN761..


Motorola PMPN4174A Single Charger for XPR3000 XPR3500 series

Replaces the wpln4232 This rapid-rate, tri-chemistry, innovative charging and reconditioning system ..


Motorola NNTN7624 IMPRES Vehicle Charger for Astro Digital APX Series

single-unit charging system that allows users to charge batteries on the go in their vehicle. This I..


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