BPR20 Battery Chargers

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Chemistry Rapid Charger Kit PMLN5048

PMLN5048 PMLN5048A Mag One Tri - Chemistry Rapid Charger Kit for the BPR40PMLN5048, P..


PMLN5041AR Tri - Chemistry Rapid Charger Base

PMLN5041AR Rapid Charger Base supports all three battery chemistries and is the standard base that s..


PMLN4738AR 6-hour Mid-rate Charger Kit (includes Base and Transformer)

Motorola PMLN4738AR rapid charger for BPR40.  PMLN4738, PMLN4738A, PMLN4738B, PMLN4738C, PMLN47..


EPNN9288 Switch Mode Power Supply with NA/LA Country Plug

Switch Mode Power Supply with US Cord, 110-220V AC This is a 120 volt rapid-rate charger transformer..


6-Slot BPR40 Charger RLN6393A

The Motorola RLN6393A for BPR40 Mag One. This is a Multi-unit 110V AC Rapid Rate Charger with Six Dr..


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