BPR40 Earpieces

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PMLN7471 - 2-Wire Surveillance Kit For CP185

These surveillance kits are ideal for covert mission-critical operations such as intelligence gather..


Motorola OEM PMLN5011 Temple Transducer, boom mic - 2 pin

Bone conduction enables you to receive audio without covering your ears, allowing you to either wear..


53727A Earbud w/PTT

The earbud with PTT Microphone lets you talk and listen without having to remove your two-way radio ..





PMLN4294 Earbud with Mic PTT Combined

Earbud with Microphone & Push-to-Talk Combined The Pellet Style Earpiece allows the user to rec..


Motorola PMLN6537 Earset with Boom Mic, Inline Push-to-Talk

Light Mag One headsets are optimized for communications intensive environments in which personnel ne..


HMN9036A Earbud Mic PTT Clip

HMN9036A pellet style 2 prong earbud with Clip Mic & push-to talk switch. Allows users to receive co..


Motorola PMLN6538 Lightweight Headset - 2 Pin for CP200d

This lightweight, single-muff adjustable headset features a swivel boom microphone and is designed f..


D-Style Earpiece with MIC/PTT (2 Pin) PMLN5001

Pellet-style earpieces allow users to receive communication discreetly. The comfortable design is id..


Motorola PMLN6541 Temple Transducer Headset - 2 Pin for CP200d

Motorola PMLN6541 Bone conduction enables you to receive audio without covering the ear, allowi..


PMLN4606A 2-Wire Surveillance kit with Clear Acoustic Tube

These kits include a comfort earpiece with a rubber eartip and clear comfortable acoustic tube. User..


PMLN4605-Replacement Clear Acoustic Tube

Motorola PMLN4605A is the acoustic clear tube for use with two-wire surveillance kit PMLN4606A. ..


AARLN4885 AARLN4885B Earpiece for Speaker Microphone

Receive Only:  An earphone jack located on the head of the remote speaker microphone allows the user..


Motorola WADN4190 Receive-only flexible earpiece RSMs with 3.5mm

WADN4190: The Motorola WADN4190 is a Motorola Original Flexible Ear Receiver. The WADN4190 Earpiece ..


RLN4941 Receive-only earpiece with translucent tube and rubber eartip

RLN4941a Receive-only earpiece with translucent tube and rubber eartip, Intrinsically Safe (FM, CSA)..


Motorola PMLN4620 D-style receive-only earpiece with 3.5mm plug.

These receive only earpieces plug into the PMMN4024 and PMMN4025 Remote Speaker Microphones and allo..


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