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0189484U01 - Motorola Power Cord Assembly, CM-Series

Motorola 0189484U01 Power Cord Assembly, CM-Series ..


HKN9455 HKN9455A Power Cable 12V for High Power Control Station 25-60W

Motorola HKN9455A Power Cable 12V for High Power Control Station 25-60W ..


GLN7282A Alarm Buzzer

Motorola GLN7282A Alarm buzzer KitWorks with:  CM300, CM200d, CM200, CM300d, PM400, MCS 2000GLN..


HLN6910 Trunnion High Power

HLN6910A. High Power Trunnion (requires HLN6909 and 5564610H02). Motorola HLN6910AHLN6910, HLN6..


HLN9328C Cable External Alarm Relay

Cable External Alarm Relay CM300..


GKN6272 GKN6272AR External Alarm Relay and Cable

Motorola GKN6272AR External Alarm Relay Cable Kit ..


HLN5113B HLN5113B Emergency Footswitch

Provides basic push-to-talk functionality and is a neutral color for easy visibility on a vehicle da..


HLN6372A Mounting Key Lock

Motorola HLN6372A key Lock to secure radio in vehicle. HLN6372, HLN6372A, HLN6372B, HLN6372C, HLN..


HKN6160A HKN6160 Cable Kit 6' Data

Motorola XTL5000 XTL2500 RS232 Rear Programming Data Ignit Speaker Cable HKN6160 ..


GLN7317A Mounting Bracket High Profile

Motorola GLN7317A High Profile Mounting Bracket ..


HLN6925A Control Station Mount

Motorla HLN6925A Control Station Mount..


HKN4258C Cable External Alarm

Motorola HKN4258C Cable External Alarm for PM1500 HKN4258, HKN4258A, HKN4258B, HKN..


RLN4779A Bracket Key Lock Mounting VHF, UHF, 200 MHz 700 MHz

Motorola RLN4779A Bracket Key Lock Mounting (VHF, UHF, 200 MHz & 700 MHz) ..


HLN6909A Trunnion Quick Release High Power

Quick Release High Power Trunnion to be used with 5564610H02, quick release lock. Motorola HLN6909A...


HKN4139A Power Cable for 12V Low Power Control Station 1-25W

Motorola HKN4139A Power Cable for 12V Low Power Control Station 1-25WHKN4139, HKN4139A, HKN4139B, HK..


HLN5131 HLN5131C Switch Emergency Pushbutton

External Emergency Button - Black Push button with push-to-talk feature provides hands-free operatio..


RLN5391A Desktop Tray without Speaker

Motorola RLN5391A Desktop Tray without speakerWorks with: CM200, CM200d, CM300, CM300d, PM400RLN5391..


HKN4137AR Power Cable 15 Amp Low

Motorola HKN4137AR Power Cable with connector low power HKN4137, HKN4137A, HKN4137AR Works wit..


HKN4191 HKN4191B 10' Power Cable 20 Amp High

The HKN4191B is a 12V, 20 Amp cable for high power (40-60W) Professional Series Mobiles. This cable ..


RLN5390A Desktop Tray with Speaker

Convert your mobile two way radio into a basic base station. Includes speaker for increased volume w..


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