CP200D Antennas

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HAD9743 HAD9743A Antenna 162-174 MHZ Stubby

Motorola HAD9743A HAD9743  Antenna 162-174 MHZ Stubby HAD9743, HAD9743A. HAD9743B, HAD9743C Works ..


8505816K26 Antenna UHF Molded

8505816K26 UHF 470-512 MHz heliflex stubby antenna. This black, molded, antenna is ideal for when th..


PMAE4016A Antenna UHF 403-512 MHz Whip

Motorola PMAE4016A UHF Flexible Whip Antenna 403-412Mhz CP200, PR400, CP200d PMAE4016, PMAE4016A, ..


NAE6522AR Antenna UHF Stubby

UHF Heliflex Antenna (Stubby), 438-470 MHz Motorola NAE6522AR NAE6522, NAE6522A, NAE6522B, N..


NAD6502AR Antenna VHF 146-174 MHz Whip

NAD6502AR heliflex antenna, specifically engineered for maximum output and greatest coverage. Flexib..


HAD9742A Antenna VHF Stubby 146-162 MHz

Motorola HAD9742A Antenna VHF Stubby 146-162 MHz.   Short, unobtrusive stubby antennas are ideal f..


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