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RLN4802A RLN4802 - Motorola Remote Mount for CDM1250 CDM1550 Control

This is a remote mount kit/control head B/C (Eng Manual). Compatible with GM338, GM399, GM398, CDM12..


RLN4801 RLN4801A Remote Mount Kit 2

Remote mount kit (not including cable) for the CDM750 portable radio.   RLN4801, RLN480..



Antenna low band 30-36Mhz..


RLN4774A Bracket 3 Point Mounting (Low Band)

Motorla RLN4774A Bracket 3 Point Mounting (Low Band)..


RLN4781A Mounting Kit Direct in Dashboard

Motorola RLN4781 RLN4781A Mounting Kit Direct in Dashboard for the CDM1550, CDM1250, CDM750 ..


AARMN4025B Microphone Compact

Motorola AARMN4025B Mobile Microphone with Coiled Cord (Mic Only) Includes coiled cord with RJ4..


GLN7326A Desktop Tray with Speaker

Motorola GLN7326A Desktop Tray with Speaker for the CDM series mobile radios.   ..


Motorola RAD4004ARB UHF Unity gain Motorcycle Mount Antenna

This motorcycle mount antenna is compatible with the APX mobile radio series. If the mobile is progr..


AARMN4026B Microphone Enhanced Keypad

Motorola AARMN4026B Enhanced Keypad Micrphone CDM Models AARMN4026, AARMN4026A, AARMN4026B, ..


HSN-1000A Speaker 6 Watt Amplified External

SPKR AMPL - Motorola SKU# HSN1000 This is a MOTOROLA ORIGINAL PART.  For use with Motorola Mobi..


HAD4014A Antenna VHF 3dB Gain Roof Mount 140-174 MHz

VHF 144-174 MHz, 3dB Gain Roof Mount This antenna is designed to direct the signal more towards the ..


RLN5403A Mobile Control Station

The CDM Control Station converts CDM Series Two-way radios into an attractive, convenient base stati..


AARMN4038B Microphone Heavy Duty Microphone

Motorola AARMN4038B Heavey Duty Microphone CDM1250 CDM1550 CDM1550LS AARMN4038, AARMN4038B, AARMN..


BDN6730A 3-Wire Surveillance Kit Black

Surveillance accessories allow the user to privately receive communications with the earpiece and ar..


Large Custom Earpiece, Right Ear Surveillance Kits

The clear, comfortable earpiece forms to the inside of the ear and is perfect for low-noise environm..


Motorola nntn4188 Replacement Remote PTT

Replace or add this cable to your CommPort Remote PTT Body Switch device to extend the life of your ..


nkn6525a Replacement Snap-on-Side PTT Cable for NTN1736 & NTN1737

Replacement Snap-on-Side PTT Cable for NTN1736 & NTN1737 NKN6525, NKN6525A, NKN6525..


ZMN6031A 3-Wire Surveillance Kit Beige

Earpiece with Microphone and Push-To-Talk Combined (3-Wire) - Beige ZMN6031AMotorola ZMN6031, ZMN603..


RNN4005A 1.4V Battery, 6 per pack

RNN4005A 1.4V Battery, 6 per pack..


Replacement Back Cover Clip

Port Replacement Back Cover Clip. Use the 4202006A01 Clip to attach you Comm - Port Integrated Micro..


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