Motorola EX500

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PMLN5089 - Nylon Case for Minnow

Nylon display case with belt loop for water-resistant radios. Physical Characteristics Weigh..


PMLN4521 Soft Leather Case with Fixed Swivel Clip & D-Rings

Soft Leather Carry Case With Fixed Swivel Clip and D Ring for EX series portable radios.  ..


BDN6769 - Beige Ear Microphone for Noisy Environments

This item has been replaced by BDN6768A ..


PMLN4585 PMLN4585A Temple Transducer - Intrinsically Safe (FM)

PMLN4585. PMLN4585A. Temple Transducers enhance communication and safety by not impairing the user's..


IMPRES Single Unit Rapid Rate Charger Power Supply

Impres Single unit charger for the EX series portable radios ..


WPPN4096 BMS Battery Adapter (for use with NiCd, NiMH & Li-ion batteries)

This adapter plate is designed for use with NiCD, NiMH and Li-Ion batteries.EX series Designed to..


PMAE4025 - UHF Whip Antenna

Flexible whip antennas have a one-piece finish, steel core and spiral-wound conductor for optimal ra..


Motorola BDN6768 Ear Microphone in Black (Intrinsically Safe (FM))

Motorola BDN6768 Ear Microphone in Black (Intrinsically Safe (FM)), for the HT and EX series portabl..


Charger Insert for EX560XLS with WPLN4187

15912 Charger Insert for EX560XLS with WPLN4187 PMLN5010  PMLN5010, PMLN5010A, PMLN5010B, PM..


PMLN4519A Earbud with Mic and PTT Comb

Motorola PMLN4519A Earbud w/Mic&PTT (Comb) PMLN4519, PMLN4519A, PMLN4519B, PMLN4519C Works..


JMMN4066A Headset w/Boom Microphone

The JMMN4066A lightweight headset provides high-clarity, hands-free, discreet two-way communica..


RLN5590A Headset Lightweight w/Boom Mic

Allow for high clarity, discreet, two-way communications while adding the comfort necessary for exte..


Interface Module for PTT or VOX Operation - Intrinsically Safe

This is the interface module required for all Expert Series Ear Microphone Systems that require both..


PMLN4421B Leather Carry Case (Soft)

Motorola PMLN4421B Leather Carry Case (Soft) Other Known Part:  PMLN4421, PMLN4421A, PMLN442..


BDN6635 Headset (VOX) HD w/NC Mic



JMNN4023 Slim Lithium Ion 1000 mAh, 7.5V Battery

1000 mAh Slim Li-ION battery for EX500, EX560, EX600 Motorola JMNN4023CR is the slimmest and lighte..


Lithium Ion (Intrinsically Safe) for the EX series

1400 mAh Li-ION battery IP67 submersible for the EX500, EX560, EX600..


JMNN4024CR Battery Li-ion Hi-Cap

Original Lithium Ion (Li-ion) batteries have a higher energy-to-weight ratio than NiMH batteries, of..


Motorola PMNN4074 Battery Lithium Ion, IP-67

MOTOROLA PMNN4074 LI-ION IP67 STD BATTERY (W BOX) Motorola Original battery – From Authorize..


PMLN4470A Nylon Carry Case w/Belt Loop

Motorola PMLN4470A Nylon Carry Case w/Belt Loop PMLN4470, PMLN4470A, PMLN4470B, PMLN4470C ..


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