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PMLN4455A Adapter Audio for EX Series Radios

audio accessory adapter enables you to use VISAR accessories that use a 3.5mm jack with the EX500 ra..


JMNN4025AR Battery NiMH 700 mAh 7.5V IS

Motorola EX500 / EX600 Original Battery Model JMNN4025AR 700mAh NiMh Intrinsically Safe battery..


PMLN4519A Earbud w/Mic&PTT (Comb)

Motorola PMLN4519A Earbud w/Mic&PTT (Comb)PMLN4519, PMLN4519A, PMLN4519B, PMLN4519CWorks with: &..


Slim Lithium Ion 1000 mAh, 7.5V Battery

Motorola JMNN4023CR Slim Li-Ion 1000 mAh High Capacity Battery..


RLN5590A Headset Lightweight w/Boom Mic

Allow for high clarity, discreet, two-way communications while adding the comfort necessary for exte..


PMLN4520B Hard Leather Case EX600 XLS

Motorola PMLN4520B Hard Leather Case EX600 XLSPMLN4520, PMLN4520A, PMLN4520B, PMLN4520CWorks with: &..


Interface Module for PTT or VOX Operation - Intrinsically Safe

This is the interface module required for all Expert Series Ear Microphone Systems that require both..


JMMN4066A Headset w/Boom Microphone

The JMMN4066A lightweight headset provides high-clarity, hands-free, discreet two-way communica..


PMLN4421B Leather Carry Case (Soft)

Motorola PMLN4421B Leather Carry Case (Soft)Other Known Part:  PMLN4421, PMLN4421A, PMLN4421B, ..


PMMN4022 Remote Speaker Microphone with Ear Jack

Remote Speaker Microphone with 3.5 mm Audio Jack. In addition to having windporting technology, the ..


JMMN4073A Ear Receiver (for #JMMN4073A)

This item has been discontinued and replaced by PMMN4022AFlexible Ear Receiver with 2.5mm audio conn..


JMNN4024CR Battery Li-ion Hi-Cap

Original Lithium Ion (Li-ion) batteries have a higher energy-to-weight ratio than NiMH batteries, of..


BDN6635 Headset (VOX) HD w/NC Mic



NTN1724 Integrated Ear Microphone & Receiver System with Ring PTT

The Motorola NTN1724 Integrated Ear Mic and Receiver with Ring PTT helps to provide clear, cost-effe..


Motorola BDN6645A Heavy-Duty Headset with Earcup Push-To-Talk

BDN6645: The BDN6645 is a Motorola Original Heavy Duty Headset. The BDN6645 comes with Noi..


PMLN4471B Leather Carry Case (Hard) w/Swivel

Motorola PMLN4471B Leather Carry Case (Hard) w/SwivelWorks with: EX500, EX600, EX600XLS..


Motorola 32012144002 Yellow Antenna Marker 10PK

Motorola 32012144002 Yellow Antenna Marker 10PK..


Motorola 32012144005 Purple Antenna Marker 10PK

Motorola 32012144005 Purple Antenna Marker 10PK..


PMLN4470A Nylon Carry Case w/Belt Loop

Motorola PMLN4470A Nylon Carry Case w/Belt LoopPMLN4470, PMLN4470A, PMLN4470B, PMLN4470CWorks w..


PMAE4002A Antenna Uhf 9cm (Subby)

Motorola PMAE4002A Antenna UHF 9CM (STUBBY)PMAE4002, PMAE4002A, PMAE4002B, PMAE4002C,..


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