HMN9036A Earbud Mic PTT Clip

  • MSRP: $40.00
  • Price: $29.50
HMN9036A pellet style 2 prong earbud with Clip Mic & push-to talk switch. Allows users to receive communications discreetly and are comfortable for extended wear.This discrete yet simple earpiece with separate microphone/PTT is ideal for environments where discrete two-way communication is required within a customer facing environment.

Part Numbers:  HMN9036, HMN9036A, HMN9036B

Black in Color

Standard one year warranty.

Ships from our warehouse in Hammond Indiana

Used on the following radios:  CP150, CP185, CP200, CT150, CT250, CT450, CT450-LS, P1225, PR400, SP50

Recommended type customer uses:  Construction, Health Care, Hospitality, Educational, Retail, Gaming, Casino, Railroad, Transportation, Marine, Hotels, Industrial  

How to Care for your headset:

Because they are used on a daily basis, most headsets take a lot of abuse. Since they are relatively fragile pieces of equipment, they can break easily if you don't take care of them. Whether you use a corded headset at a computer or a wireless headset when using your cell phone, there are some things you can do to prevent excessive wear and damage.

Don't leave headsets in your car in extreme temperatures. Direct sunlight and temperatures exceeding 110 degrees F can change the shape of the plastic parts of your headset, and extremely cold temperatures below 14 degrees F can diminish the battery life. Both extremes can negatively affect the operation of the headset.

Keep your headset away from moisture. Wearing a headset in the rain or exposing it to excessive sweating can short out some of the electrical components of the headset. Wireless headsets are particularly susceptible to this problem.

Avoid wrapping cords around the headset unit when storing. Over time this will weaken the cord and can cause the plastic covering around the wires to deteriorate. This is a common problem with corded headsets.

Try not to twist or twirl the cord on the headset while using. This is often done unconsciously and habitually, but it can damage the wire and shorten the life of the headset.

Take care not to drop a wireless headset or throw it down on a table or desk. Many headsets have small interior components that can break loose, damaging the entire unit.

Clean makeup, sweat, dirt, and hair products off your headset periodically, as headsets can get very dirty. If that dirt penetrates the outer casing of the unit, it can interfere with the operation of the headset. Use a damp cloth or alcohol-free wipes to gently clean it.

Never pull on the cord of a corded headset to remove it from the device. Only remove the device directly at the adapter, or the cord might break off. Even a small amount of force repeated over time can cause the cord to gradually pull from the adapter and the interior wires to fray.

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