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NTN1535A Leather Carry Case w/Belt Loop

MOTOROLA NTN1535A high activity belt loop 3"NTN1535, NTN1535A, NTN1535B, NTN1535CWorks with:  HT1000..


NTN1534A Leather Carry Case w/Belt Loop

Leather Carry Case w/Belt Loop Motorola NTN1534A Fits: HT1000, JT1000, MT2000, MTS2000, MTX8000, ..


NTN1177E Charger Rapid Multi-Unit

Motorola NTN1177E Charger Rapid Multi-Unit..


NMN6156B Remote Speaker Microphone

Motorola NMN6156B Remote Speaker Microphone ..


TDN9816: Vehicle Mount Charger - HT1000

Motorola Original TDN9816A: Vehicle mount charger for portable radios. Requires installation mou..


NMN6244 Public Safety Speaker/Microphone, 24" straight cord

NMN6244 Public Safety Speaker/Microphone, 24" straight cord Physical Characteristics Weight (l..


NDN4017B Carry Case w/Swivel DTMF

Motorola NDN4017B Carry Case w/Swivel DTMFNDN4017, NDN4017B, NDN4017C, NDN4017DHT1000, JT1000, ..


NiMH, 1900 mAh, 7.5V Battery, Intrinsically Safe

***The item HNN9029AR has been replaced with WPNN4037A*** WPNN4037, WPNN4037A ..


ntn7782 T-Strap for Leather Carrying Cases

Motorola Original NTN7782: T-Strap for LEATHER Carry Case. Works with:   HT1000, MT1000 ntn7782, ..


NTN7239A Leather Carry Case w/BL Ultra

Leather Carry Case with Belt Loop, “D” Rings, and T-Strap for use with ultra-high capacity battery ..


Motorola RLN5933 In Dash (DIN) Mounting Kit

Ideal if you prefer to mount the radio directly into the dashboard for a better appearance, or to ke..


PMLN5404 MOTOTRBO Mobile Remote Mount Adaptor Kit

Remote mounting capabilities allow you to save cabin space or hide the mobile power supply in the tr..


PMAD4023 PMAD4023A Antenna Vhf 14cm 150-161Mhz

Flexible Whip Antennas have a one-piece finish, steel core, and spiral wound conductor for optimal r..


RAD4194A Antenna VHF Stubby

This antenna is compatible with XTS5000, XTS2500, XTS1500, MT1500, PR1500, HT1000, MTS2000 and SABER..


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