HT1250 Speaker Microphones

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RMN5035 - UHF Public Safety Microphone, 30" Straight Cable

Public safety speaker microphones are specially designed to help cancel ambient noise during transmi..


RMN5036 - VHF Public Safety Microphone With 30-Inch Straight Cable

This speaker mic features a VHF band, a Public Service Mic (PSM), an antenna, a swivel clip, a volum..


RMN5075 UHF Public Safety Microphone, 24" Straight Cable

Public Safety Microphones – PSM The newly designed Public Safety Microphones feature a straight cord..


RMN5076 RMN5076A VHF Public Safety Microphone, 24" Straight Cable

VHF Public Safety Microphone (psm).  Comes with Antenna, Swivel Clip, Volume hi and low toggle ..


PMMN4039 PMMN4039A Remote Speaker Microphone



RMN5053 IMPRES Heavy Duty Microphone

Heavy-duty microphone for users who want more durability, also ideal for those who need a larger mic..


Motorola PMNN4027 PMMN4027A -Remote Speaker Mic

PMMN4027:  Any conditions that you can handle, our remote speaker microphones can handle as wel..


Motorola PMMN4021A Intrinsically Safe Remote Speaker Microphone

Motorola PMMN4021A  PMMN4021 Intrinsically Safe Remote Speaker Microphone Work with: &n..


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