Motorola MT2000

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NTN5448BR Battery NiCd 1100mAh (IS)

Motorola NTN5448BR Battery NiCd 1100mAh (IS)..


RLN6074 Remote Speaker Microphone Replacement Coil Cord Kit

Replacement cable for remote speaker microphone models PMMN4024 and PMMN4040. RLN6074, RLN6074A, RL..


NTN7484 - Carry Case With D Attachment

This D attachment allows you to hang your radio from your belt without a case or belt clip. The N..


ntn7782 T-Strap for Leather Carrying Cases

Motorola Original NTN7782: T-Strap for LEATHER Carry Case. Works with:   HT1000, MT100..


NTN7239A Leather Carry Case w/BL Ultra

Leather Carry Case with Belt Loop, “D” Rings, and T-Strap for use with ultra-high capacity battery ..


HNN9028AR 7.5 volts, 1500 mAh, NiCd Motorola

****  Item is discontinued *************HNN9028AR 7.5 volts, 1500 mAh, NiCd Motorola..


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