MT2000 Battery Chargers

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NTN5448BR Battery NiCd 1100mAh (IS)

Motorola NTN5448BR Battery NiCd 1100mAh (IS)..


ntn7782 T-Strap for Leather Carrying Cases

Motorola Original NTN7782: T-Strap for LEATHER Carry Case. Works with:   HT1000, MT1000 ntn7782, ..


NTN7239A Leather Carry Case w/BL Ultra

Leather Carry Case with Belt Loop, “D” Rings, and T-Strap for use with ultra-high capacity battery ..


HNN9028AR 7.5 volts, 1500 mAh, NiCd Motorola

****  Item is discontinued *************HNN9028AR 7.5 volts, 1500 mAh, NiCd Motorola..


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