MTX1500 Antennas

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8505241U11 Flexible Whip, Dual-Band Antenna, 764-870 MHz

Flexible Whip, Dual-Band Antenna,  764-870 MHz ..


Flexible Whip Antenna, 800 MHz

Flexible Whip Antenna, 800 MHz..


8505518V01 Antenna VHF Wideband

Motorola 8505518V01 Antenna VHF Wideband Dipole Works with:  HT1000, JT1000, MT2000, MTXLS, MTX8000..


1/4-Wave Stubby Antenna, 800/900 MHz

1/4-Wave Stubby Antenna, 800/900 MHz..


UHF Heliflex Antenna

UHF Heliflex Antenna..


NAE6549 UHF Helical Antenna, 403-520 MHz

The NAE6549AR is a Motorola Original UHF Whip Antenna. The NAE6549AR is a 403 - 520MHz. NAE6549, NA..


Heliflex Antenna, 150.8ΓÇô162 MHz

Heliflex Antenna, 150.8ΓÇô162 MHz..


UHF Helical Antenna, 403-435 MHz

4″ Stubby Antenna 403-435 MHz (UHF) Works with XTS1500, XTS2500 NAE6546, NAE6546A, NAE6546B, NAE65..


Stubby Heliflex UHF Antenna, 435ΓÇô470 MHz

Stubby Heliflex UHF Antenna, 435ΓÇô470 MHz..


8505644V03 Antenna VHF Helical

Motorola 8505644V03 Antenna VHF Helical162-174 MHz   This six-inch VHF, heliflex antenna, engineer..


RAD4194A Antenna VHF Stubby

This antenna is compatible with XTS5000, XTS2500, XTS1500, MT1500, PR1500, HT1000, MTS2000 and SABER..


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