MTX1500 Antennas

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Flexible Whip, Dual-Band Antenna, 764ΓÇô870 MHz

Flexible Whip, Dual-Band Antenna, 764ΓÇô870 MHz..


Flexible Whip Antenna, 800 MHz

Flexible Whip Antenna, 800 MHz..


1/4-Wave Stubby Antenna, 800/900 MHz

1/4-Wave Stubby Antenna, 800/900 MHz..


8505518V01 Antenna VHF Wideband

Motorola 8505518V01 Antenna VHF Wideband Dipole Works with:  HT1000, JT1000, MT2000, MTXLS, ..


UHF Heliflex Antenna

UHF Heliflex Antenna..


NAE6549 UHF Helical Antenna, 403-520 MHz

The NAE6549AR is a Motorola Original UHF Whip Antenna. The NAE6549AR is a 403 - 520MHz. NAE6549, ..


Heliflex Antenna, 150.8ΓÇô162 MHz

Heliflex Antenna, 150.8ΓÇô162 MHz..


UHF Helical Antenna, 403-435 MHz

4″ Stubby Antenna 403-435 MHz (UHF)Works with XTS1500, XTS2500NAE6546, NAE6546A, NAE6546B,..


Stubby Heliflex UHF Antenna, 435ΓÇô470 MHz

Stubby Heliflex UHF Antenna, 435ΓÇô470 MHz..


8505644V03 Antenna VHF Helical

Motorola 8505644V03 Antenna VHF Helical162-174 MHz   This six-inch VHF, heliflex antenna, engineer..


RAD4194A Antenna VHF Stubby

This antenna is compatible with XTS5000, XTS2500, XTS1500, MT1500, PR1500, HT1000, MTS2000 and SABER..


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