BDN6727A Earpiece Rec Only 1-Wire Loud (Black)

  • MSRP: $42.00
  • Price: $32.80
Black surveillance accessory with an extra-loud earpiece (exceeding OHSA standards) allows the radio user to privately receive messages and is ideal when environments require discreet communication. It is intrinsically safe. This accessory requires a 3.5mm threaded adapter jack that attaches to the radio, unless being used with speaker microphone.

BDN6727, BDN6727A, BDN6727B, BDN6727AC

Compatible Products The extra-loud earphone in this surveillance kit is ideal for loud environments. This surveillance kit has a 3.5mm threaded connector and require Remote Speaker Microphone with secandary threaded jack or adapters: APX Series Radios BDN6783, XTS Series Radios BDN6676.

Physical Characteristics Weight (lb): 0.15

Dimensions (inches): 2.0 H X 1.0 W X 1.5 L

Performance Characteristics Type: In-Ear

Intrinsic Safety Rating: FM & TIA

  • UPC: 607885237233
  • EAN: 0607885237233