XTS5000 Carrying Solutions

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Motorola RLN4294A Velcro Epaulet Strap for Remote Mics

RLN4294: The Motorola RLN4294 is a Motorola Original Epaulet Velcro Strap with Clip. The Epaulet Str..


NTN8381 NTN8381C High-Activity Swivel Leather Case Features 3"

NTN8381C High Activity Swivel Leather Carry Case with 3"" Swivel Belt Loop Motorola designed and eng..


RLN6486 RLN6486A Long Fireman's radio strap (56") with buckle.

RLN6486A Long Fireman's radio strap (56") with buckle. The strap fastens to your carry case via r..


HLN9985B Waterproof Bag

Motorola HLN9985B Waterproof Bag Waterproof bag for handheld two way radios Convenient carrying ..


RLN4815 RLN4815A RadioPAk Fanny Pack

The radio pack is lightweight and comfortable. Worn around the waist, it keeps radios and phones at ..


HLN6602A Universal Chestpack - Radiotwoway.com

Universal Chest Pack protects the radio and provides the freedom from holding it during standby comm..


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