6 Pack- RLN5707A Minitor V, 3.6V NiMH Battery

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  • Price: $76.50
Six Pack of RLN5707A

Backup/ replacement OEM battery for the Motorola Minitor V pager. NiMH battery, 3.6V. RLN5707A

Minitor V Battery Original RLN5707A: 3.6V NiMH Minitor V Pager Battery. Minitor V Rechargeable Battery. THIS IS NOT A AFTERMARKET BATTERY. Purchase a Motorola Minitor V battery for pagers from AGT Battery. Your life as a first responder depends on reliable communications stay with Motorola! Fits: Motorola Minitor V Pager. NOTE: To avoid confusion for ordering purposes the suffix letter after the part number is not listed.RLN5707 Minitor 5 Battery

Battery Care and Tips These battery tips will help you obtain optimized performance and a longer life cycle from your rechargeable battery.

- Charge your new battery overnight before using it. - When using a rapid charger, leave the battery in the charger for an additional 1 to 2 hours after the green light appears. - Only charge a battery when it needs it. If it is not fully discharged, do not recharge it. We suggest that you carry a spare.  - Do not return fully charged batteries to the charger for an "extra boost." This action will significantly reduce cycle life. Repeated short cycle charging of batteries will shorten battery life.

RLN5707, RLN5707A, RLN5707B, RLN5707C, RLN5707D, RLN5707AR, RLN5707BR, RLN5707CR

Works with:  Minitor V pagers  

  • UPC: 713153613149
Charger required RLN5703
Chemistry Nickle Metal
Color Black
Intrinsically Safe (FM) No
Warranty 1 Year
Works with the following radios Minitor V, Minitor VI
Weight 5 Ounces
Other Know Part Numbers RLN5707, RLN5707A, RLN5707B, RLN5707C, RLN5707D, RLN5707AR, RLN5707BR, RLN5707CR
What's in the Box 1 Battery and shipping material