Motorola Minitor VI VHF 143-174 MHz 5 Channel

Motorola Minitor VI VHF 143-174 MHz 5 Channel

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 A03JAC9JA2AN Minitor VI Fire Pager VHF 143-174 MHz 5 Channel Non- Intrinsically Safe with standard 110V AC charger - stored voice.

When you really need to stay in touch – whether during an urban incident or a wildland fire – a pager is an excellent solution. It's got to be simple, rugged and reliable, built for the realities of first responders. No matter where an emergency occurs, you need to hear the message loud and clear and be able to replay it at will. We know that firsthand because we’ve been supporting the needs of fire and rescue services since 1941. We understand the challenges you confront and the conditions you face. RUGGED, COMPACT AND EXCEPTIONALLY RELIABLE Small, light yet incredibly tough, the MINITOR VI is built to get the job done right. Its improved receiver design ensures maximum range and intelligibility. We engineered the MINITOR VI for people working in challenging environments: it's been through arduous Accelerated Life Testing. The Intrinsically Safe models are certified for use in hazardous environments, and the Non-Intrinsically Safe models have improved field serviceability and battery options. DESIGNED TO FIT YOUR RESPONSE STYLE Record up to 16 minutes of messages, then replay, skip, fast forward, rewind, lock, unlock and delete those messages directly on the MINITOR VI pager. You can customize call alerts and channel announcements, and choose different vibrate profiles for different call addresses. FLEXIBLE BATTERY OPTIONS ARE MISSION-CRITICAL The MINITOR VI comes with a rechargeable battery and offers other responder-essential accessories. These include a charger with built-in voice amplifier so you never miss an alert; an alkaline battery tray for emergency in-field battery replacement; and voice announcements that indicate battery levels.


  • Single or 5-channel models
  • Wideband receiver design: Single pager covers entire VHF band
  • Up to 16 mins voice message storage
  • Message management: Next/Prev, FF/RWD, DEL, Lock/Unlock
  • Customizable alert tones and voice announcements
  • Programmable alerts and vibrate profiles
  • Battery level voice announcements
  • Alkaline battery support (non-Intrinsically Safe models only)
  • IP56 for dust and water intrusion
  • Location for asset tag



  • UPC: 607885231842
  • EAN: 0607885231842

Specifications for Motorola Minitor VI VHF 143-174 MHz 5 Channel

Band VHF
Intrinsically Safe (FM) No
What's in the Box Pager, Battery, and Single Charger
Channel Capacity 5
IP Rating IP56
Warranty One Year
Average Battery Life up to 80 hours

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Minitor VI (6) Question and Answers

Minitor VI (6) Question and Answers

12.31.2016 10:09

Q: Is Minitor VI as loud as Minitor V? A: Yes. Minitor VI has the same maximum audio output as Minitor V. We have also made the volume control more sensitive at the lower end, so you can set the volume very quiet too. Q: Will service manuals and replacement parts be available? A: Yes. The Intrinsically Safe models are not fieldserviceable, but service manuals and spare parts will be available for the non-IS models. The service manual will be posted on the webpage and to MOL as soon as it’s available Q: How is the battery locked onto the pager? A: The battery latch has been completely redesigned to address the issues found with the Minitor V. The new latch is integrated into the battery housing itself, rather than being part of the pager. Minitor VI Frequently Asked Questions Q: Are the battery contacts different? A: The connector on the base of the Minitor VI has been completely redesigned, to address issues with foreign object buildup and corrosion. The new terminals are in a wide, shallow recess, and are easy to keep clean. See picture below. Note the details of the new battery latch – inc
Introducing the new Minitor 6 fire ems pager

Introducing the new Minitor 6 fire ems pager

12.31.2016 10:23

Today, nearly 70 percent of firefighters in the United States are volunteers. These men and women make daily sacrifices to protect and serve all of us every day. It takes a special type of person to be a volunteer firefighter. They do the things that most of us won’t. It’s an intentional decision to receive the middle-of the night calls and wake up to give everything they have.One of the differences between a volunteer and career firefighter is that volunteers aren’t always in the station when they get their calls. They can be anywhere when called to respond, and know that sometimes calls can come at 3 a.m. Geg those calls to go and help save lives is the first step to responding. As Mark Krizik, one of several Motorola Solutions employees who are volunteer firefighters said, “As soon as you sign up to be a volunteer firefighter, the first thing they do is hand you a pager.”This pager is something volunteers have to rely on to work 100 percent of the time. They need a simple, reliable paging device, and communications technology that was created for firefighters with input from firefighters. Motorola’s version of the pager has made quite a transformation since the Minitor I was introduced in 1975…

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