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Trilogy NMA01250 N Male Connector For Aircell 50OHM 1/2" Transline Cable

Trilogy NMA01250 N Male Connector for Aircell 50ohm 1/2" TransLine Cable ..


Motorola 7215182H02 Replacement LCD Display XPR6550

MotoTRBO Portable LCD Module Assembly - Replaces 72155182H01 For use with XPR6550, XPR6580 ..


4383881B01 - Antenna Bushing Nut

Antenna Bushing Nut Physical Characteristics Weight (lb): 0.02 ..


CN001149A01 - BTB Connector



HLN9534 - Mini UHF Connector

Right-angle mini UHF connector. Right-angle mini UHF connector. Physical Characteristics ..


HKAN4001 - GPS External Antenna

This GPS antenna features a roof mount for enhanced security. Physical Characteristics Weight ..


RDB4521 - Base Loaded Wideband Antenna

Base Loaded Wideband Antenna with Spring, 42-48 MHz ..


Motorola PS000150A11 - Micro-USB Wall Charger

Charge your police camera solutions—including the Si series of video, speaker and microphone devices..


Motorola PMLN5264A Silicone Temple Pad

Motorola PMLN5264A Silicone Temple Pad ..


Motorola HLN3500A wrist strap with clip

Motorola HLN3500A wrist strap with clip ..


3075336B13 - Desktop Microphone Cable Assembly

Motorola 3075336B13 replacement cable assembly for the desktop microphone, RMN5050A. Physical C..


HKN9407 - Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Motorola HKN9407A Cigarette Lighter Adapter (25 Watt Models Only) Physical Characteristics W..


3280376E35 - Replacement O Ring for Windscreen

This replacement O ring keeps the headset microphone windscreen fastened securely. Physical Cha..


HKLN4628 - Desktop Charger Assembly Kit

This LEX L10 charger requires adaptor HKTN4009—delivered with the device. Physical Characterist..


RLN5918 - Public Safety Microphone Adapter

Antenna adapter for XTS2500 radios. Physical Characteristics Weight (lb): 0.05 Dimensions..


PMLN7572 - Pin Backer Mount Retention Kit

The PMLN7572 keeps the shoulder straps secured to the uniform with two pins. Physical Character..


PMNN4086 - 1050 mAh FM/IS Battery

This FM/IS battery is ruggedly designed for lasting durability and optimum performance with the r765..


FHN7162 - Armadillo Junction Box

FHN7162 - Armadillo Junction Box ..


GMMN1111 - ATEX Remote Speaker Microphone

This RSM is specially designed and flawlessly engineered to optimize the performance of your Motorol..


PMAD4130 - VHF Stubby Antenna (ATEX)

VHF stubby antenna for use with ATEX radio (150–155 MHz) 11CM. Physical Characteristics Weig..


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