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FLN3817 - SCADA 4AO Module

Motorola Ace3600 SCADA System 4AO Module Physical Characteristics Weight (lb): 0.72 ..


PMMN4107ABLK PMMN4107 - Xtreme Temperature Cable, XE500 Black Housing

APX XE500 Remote Speaker Microphones (RSMs) are designed with the users extreme environment in mind...


FLN3851 - ACE360 remote terminal unit

ACE360 remote terminal unit Physical Characteristics Weight (lb): 0.83 ..


WPLN4124 WPLN4124BR - Cadex Battery Optimizing System II

Motorola WPLN4124BR is a four-station Battery Optimizing System (BOS) II that reconditions batteries..


HKFE4001 HKFE4001A - 430–480 MHz Duplexer

DUPLEXER,430-480 MHZ (5-6.5MHZ) 430–480 MHz Duplexer Physical Characteristics Weight (lb)..


3083790P03 - 199' Cable With Connector

199' Cable With Connector Physical Characteristics Weight (lb): 5.35 Dimensions (inches):..


MBLN1286 - MCC Series Speaker Assembly Accessory Kit

MCC Series Speaker Assembly Accessory Kit Physical Characteristics Weight (lb): 1.6 Dimen..


HFE8454 - UHF Duplexer 490-527Mhz

This is a UHF Duplexer that operates in the 490–527 MHz range. Physical Characteristics Weig..


AN000163A01 - Stubby Low-Loss Antenna

WIFI/GNSS Low-Loss LMR240 Antenna This low-profile antenna is designed for APX8500 radios. P..


PMLN7220 - Belt Clip, Twin Pack

Quickly and easily access your Talkabout two-way radio while keeping it secure when not in use. P..


Motorola RLN6492 Headband for XBT Headsets

Headset replacement only for the RLN6491 headset ..


RLN6495 - Headset Boom Microphone

Motorola RLN6495 replacement boom microphone for RLN6490 and RLN6491XBT headsets. Motorola RLN649..


WPLN6905 - Keyload RS-232 Cable - Motorola Solutions

Motorola [WPLN6905B] APX 7000 Keyload RS-232 Cable Physical Characteristics Weight (lb): 0.0..


Motorola HKLN4618 - LEX Handheld Holster

Designed to withstand harsh conditions, Motorola Solutions leather carry cases are made of top mater..


RLN6497 - Hygiene Kit for XBT Headset

This kit is for the RLN6490A and RLN6491A Bluetooth Headsets Physical Characteristics Weight..


Motorola HLN9560 - Compact Mic Coil Cord

This coil cord from Motorola Solutions extends the reach of your microphone. ..


RMN5077 - Supraplus Single-Muff Headset

Supraplus single-muff headset system from Motorola Solutions.  For the MCD5000 Deskset Systems ..


Motorola NNTN8378 - CSA Adapter With PTT

Motorola NNTN8378A CSA adapter with Push-To-Talk (PTT) for use with NNTN8380 and NNTN8379 headsets. ..


PMLN7699 - Carry Holster for Si500 Body Camera

The PMLN7699A works with the Si500 Body Worn Camera. The PMLN7699A features a rugged, low-profile..


HAE6029 - 2 dB UHF Antenna, 403–527 MHz

2 dB UHF antenna, 403–527 MHz This UHF antenna kit includes a through-hole mount and operates in ..


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