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RLN6512 Foam Hearing Protectors (medium)

Filtered to reduce noises Foam-tipped design and memory foam canal tips ..


PMKN4072 IMPRES Portable Non-PC Adapter

·         Portable non-pc adapter   ·         works with XPR Radio Series..


RLN6512 Foam Hearing Protectors (medium)

Filtered to reduce noises Foam-tipped design and memory foam canal tips ..


PMKN4071 Portable Connector Cable

MOTOTRBO Portable IMPRES Non-PC Adapter. Physical Characteristics Weight (lb): 0.31 Dimensions (..


1571477L01-Motorola Dust Cover



PMKN4070 Non-PC Adapter Motorola

Non-PC Adapter  Adapter to connect the radio through the front accessory connector ..


HAF4026 Wide Area Antenna

Wide-area, through-hole mount antenna for the 806–941 MHz range, with a 3 dB gain. Physical Charac..


PMAD4146 Stubby Antenna (156-174 MHz)

This antenna is compatible with SL300 radios. Physical Characteristics Weight (lb): 0.03 ..


HAF4027 Wide Area Through-hole Mount Antenna

Mount antenna is designed to direct the signal more toward the horizon 806-941 MHz, 5 dB gain, T..


PMLN5021 Hard Leather Case

·         Hard leather case with 3-inch fixed belt loop ·         Designed for XPR 6550 & XPR 6580 ..


PMAD4145 Stubby Antenna (144-156 MHz)

VHF stubby antenna for the 144–156 MHz range. Physical Characteristics Weight (lb): 0.03 ..


HAF4025 Mobile Small Antenna

  This Motorola antenna is ideal for city environments because the signal for this through-hole mou..


PMKN4040 Portable Telemetry Cable

Portable telemetry cable Allows XPR series radios to be connected to a telemetry device Portable..


PMLN7040 Soft Leather Carry Case

This soft leather carry case is designed to fit the SL Series Radio, and offers durable protection f..


Motorola PMAE4039 Antenna Kit UHF

·         UHF Antenna Kit 403-430 MHz, 1/4 Wave ·         UHF and GPS capability                 ..


PMKN4143 Remote 3 Meter Cable for XPR 5000

Mobile Remote Mount 3 Meter Cable Compatible with XPR 5000 series  DM4000 Series Remote-M..


PMAN4004 Combo GPS+RF, Base Only

Combo GPS+RF, Base Only, Through-hole Mount, Mini-U. Compatible Radio Models: MOTOTRBO XPR 4000 and..


PMKN4174 Extension Cable

·         Extension cable ·         Used to connect the radio brick interface ·         Handheld c..


Motorola HKN6184 Programming Cable

USB programming cable to connect to the microphone port on the control head Works with::  PM..


PMLN5726 Single Wire Surveillance Kit

• In-line push-to-talk switch and microphone • Coiled cord, rubber ear bud and transparent tube  •..


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HOW DO TEMPLE TRANSDUCERS WORK? These headsets use transducers that rest on your temple to convert audio into sound vibration and transmit it to your inner ear. If you’re using hearing protection or directing heavy traffic, you can hear the audio from your radio and the surrounding environment. Since the transducer sits in front of your ears, you can also wear earplugs and still hear the radio