XPR7000 Earpieces

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NNTN8433 Discrete earpiece Motorola

Motorola covert wirless solution typically used in law enforcement .  Works with the XPR series..


RLN6511 Hearing Protectors (small)

Protects your hearing without blocking your ability to hear routine sounds or conversations. Foam..


RLN6484 - CommPort Ear Microphone With Body PTT

This ear microphone uses Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology to improve the transmit audio ca..


Motorola NNTN8737 3.5mm Earbud Headset Adapter - 10 Pack

3.5mm Earbud Headset Adapter (pack of 10) ..


PMLN6833 Tactical Temple Transducer with Boom Mic

  With this Tactical Temple Transducer headset, two temple receivers convert audio into soun..


RLN6550 Wireless Earpiece

Bluetooth earpiece accessory kit  Earpiece Pack features Swivel Earpiece, Inline Mic, and ..


PMLN6827 Tactical Push-to-Talk

·         Designed for a variety of Motorola headsets ·         Efficient and safe operation in a v..


PMLN7396 PMLN7396A Adjustable D-Style Earpiece

Comfortable for extended wear, this receive-only, adjustable d-style earpiece attaches directly to y..


RLN6556 Boom Mic, Bluetooth Pod, and Charging Cradle

MOTOTRBO Bluetooth Accessory Kit with the flexible earpiece and boom microphone is designed to suppo..


PMLN6852 Heavy-duty Behind-the-Head Headset

Heavy-duty headset for high noise environment Head style fits under most helmets and connects dir..


PMLN7851A EP900w wireless earpiece with in-line push to talk

PMLN7851A EP900w wireless earpiece  with in-line push to talk OPERATIONAL CRITICAL WIRELESS EARPIECE..


PMKN4012B USB Portable Programming Cable

·         Rib less does not require radio interface box ·..


PMLN6095 PMLN6095A 3M Peltor PTT Nexus Adapter

This adapter works with Peltor™ headsets with Nexus connectors and provides you with easy access to ..


IMPRES 2 Wire Surveillance Kit, Beige - Intrinsically Safe (FM)

IMPRES 2 Wire Surveillance Kit, Beige - Intrinsically Safe (FM) RLN5881, RLN5881A, RLN5..


BDN6719 Earpiece w/3.5mm Threaded Plug

Motorola BDN6719A Earpiece w/3.5mm Threaded Plug BDN6719, BDN6719A, BDN6719B, BDN6719C EX500, EX560-..


Receive Only Surveillance Kit, Beige (single-wire) - IS

Surveillance accessories allow the radio user to receive messages with the earpiece. They are ideal ..


RLN6074 Remote Speaker Microphone Replacement Coil Cord Kit

Replacement cable for remote speaker microphone models PMMN4024 and PMMN4040. RLN6074, RLN6074A, RL..


Receive Only Surveillance Kit, Black (single-wire) - IS

Receive Only Surveillance Kit, Black (single-wire) - Intrinsically Safe  RLN5878, RLN58..


RLN5880 IMPRES 2 Wire Surveillance Kit, Black - Intrinsically Safe (FM)

Motorola RLN5880A (black) Surveillance Kit for APX and MOTOTRBO XPR 6300 - XPR 6500 series radios ..


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