NTN1624 Integrated Ear Microphone/ Receiver System with Palm PTT


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NTN1624A NTN1624 – Motorola CommPort Integrated Ear Microphone and Receiver System with Palm PTT — CommPort Integrated Receiver Ear Microphone is intelligible in high noise levels up to 100dB. Includes BDN6676 3.5mm jack adapter.

The advanced, self-adjusting microphone and miniature receiver make it possible to communicate under the most adverse conditions. A variety of Push-to-Talk options allow the user to customize the CommPort system for any application. Includes AAHLN9717 audio adapter and durable storage case.

Physical Characteristics

Weight (lb): 1.14

Dimensions (inches): 32.0 H X 0.38 W X 1.25 L

Performance Characteristics

Microphone: Integrated Ear Mic

PTT: On Palm PTT

Type: Over-the-Ear

Intrinsic Safety Rating: FM

Weight 5 lbs


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