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Motorola Dtr650 900mhz Digital Radio 10 Channels Does not Require License


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Introducing the DTR650 Digital On-Site Two-Way Radios For Small Business

The DTR650 better a team communicates, the more efficiently it operates. Motorola DTR Series digital on-site two-way radios are the power tools that enable that communication. Unlike alternative technologies, there are no monthly fees. No service towers. No per-minute charges. Moreover, these durable on-site two-way radios help businesses keep operations on schedule, maximize job shift productivity, enhance security and increase overall customer satisfaction.

Why Motorola Digital
On-Site Two-Way Radios
Meet Your Needs Best

What makes the DTR Series perfect for your on-site operation? The digital technology of the DTR650™ enables each unit to have its own unique 11-digit identification, bringing you new calling options:


Allows you to call and talk privately with a specific user’s radio. A private-call recipient can receive an alert, and the recipient’s unit displays the caller’s


  • Public group call – all other DTR Series radios on the same group ID and channel hear communications, similar to analog radios.
  • Private group call – enables you to program DTR Series radios to communicate with specific sets of group members.

In addition to the unique digital calling features, you get many other benefits, including:

  • Coverage extended by 20%.*• Up to 45% longer operation on a single charge.*• Digital audio quality—which stays loud and clear everywhere you have coverage.
  • Call forwarding to other radio IDs.
  • Scroll list of frequently used group, private IDs, and a recent-calls list.
  • 900 MHz ISM license-free band.
  • Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) -For enhanced security, with 50 non-overlapping groups.
  • Short message service (SMS) text messaging – with 10 preset messages and support for keyed-in custom messages to meet more specific needs.

All DTR650 portable models include:

Standard Battery:
DTR650 – Li-ion, 1500 mAh Battery, 3.6V

Standard Charger
DTR650 – 1 Hour Rapid Charger (53969)

Drop-In Charging Tray (53962)
Swivel Belt Holster (53961)
CD-Rom User Guide
Quick Reference Card
One Year Warranty


Motorola DTR Series Features

  • 900 MHz ISM Frequency-Hopping Digital Spread Spectrum
  • 12 Alert Tones plus VibraCall™
  • Battery Meter
  • License Free Communication
  • Backlit Display
  • Private Calling: One-to-One Communication
  • Public Group Calling: One-to-Many, Selected from List
    of 100 Group ID’s
  • Private Group Calling: One-to-Many, Selected from Contacts
  • Remote Disable (Initiated by DTR650 Only)
  • Remote Monitoring (Initiated by DTR650 Only)
  • Remote Time / Date Update (Initiated by DTR650 Only)
  • SMS (Short Messaging Service), 5-10 Quicknotes
  • Contact List: Capacity 150 Shared Private / Public Group / Private Group – requires NTN2074 Mini Keyboard to program contact name list.
Weight 4 lbs

What's in the Box

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DTR650 Free Accessories

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