PMNN4075AR Motorola Original Battery BPR40 Lithium Ion


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PMNN4075AR Original Battery BPR40 Lithium Ion Belt Clip not included.  Battery is for use with the BPR20 and BPR40 VHF and UHF radios (Mag One by Motorola).  MagOne 1500 mAh high-capacity Li-ION battery


Performance Characteristics

  • Estimated operational time (hours)

    Low Power – 11 hours, High Power – 8 hours

  • Minimum rated capacity (mAH)

    1500 mAh

Physical Characteristics

  • Recycling


  • required

    RLN6350, PMLN5048, RLN6393

  • Chemistry


User Environment

  • IP Rating


  • Operating temperature range

    -10 C to +60C


  • Warranty

    12 months for non-IMPRES batteries or when IMPRES batteries are used with both an IMPRES and non-IMPRES

    Battery Tips:

    1. Enerergize your new battery overnight before using it. This is referred to as initializing and will enable you to obtain maximum battery capacity.

    a. Nickel Cadium or Nickel Metal Hydride: 14-16 hours.

    b. Lithium Ion/Polymer: 1 to 2 additional hours after the light turns green.

    2. New impress batteries, when inserted into a  impres unit, will indicate a calibration cycle by displaying a steady Yellow indication on the device indicator status light.   Allow this calibration process to complete by not removing the battery from the item until it has completely done and displays a steady green indication.

    3. In order to minimize capacity loss and cycle life reduction, new, NON INITIALIZED batteries must be stored in well ventilated, cool and dry locations. Batteries stored in these conditions may be stored:

    a. Nickel Cadmium: up to 2 years.

    b. Nickel Metal Hydride: up to 18 months.

    c. Lithium Ion/Polymer up to 18 months.

    4. If used batteries are to be removed from service for extended periods (greater than 30 days) they should be discharged to about 50% of their capacity before storage in a cool, dry location.

    5. Batteries which have been in storage for more than two months should be fully discharged and recharged.

    a. Nickel Cadmium or Nickel Metal Hydride: 14-16 hours.

    b. Lithium Ion/Polymer: 1 to 2 additional hours after the indicator light turns green.

    6. When using a  rapid rate, leave the battery in the cradel for an additional 1 to 2 hours after the steady green light appears. (Applies to non-impres batteries only.)

    7. Do not leave your radio and fully-energized battery in the poket when not charging. Continuous charging will shorten battery life. (Do not use  as a radio stand.)

    8. Only charge a battery when it needs it. If it is not fully discharged, do not recdoit. We suggest that you carry a spare. This is the most cost effective solution for users requiring longer operating time.

    9. Do not return fully non-impres batteries to the for an “extra boost”. This action will significantly reduce cycle life. Repeated short cycle charging of non-impres batteries will shorten battery life. (Do not use as a radio stand for non-impres batteries.)

    10. Stabilize batteries to room temperature (72°F) before charging. Charging below 40°F and above 104°F will decrease cycle life.

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