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Motorola Original NNTN4970A Battery Li-ion 1600 mAh Slim

Motorola Original Lithium Ion (Li-ion) batteries have a higher energy-to-weight ratio than NiMH batt..


Ten Pack of Motorola PMNN4425B BT70 Battery (1400 mAh)

Ten Pack:  PMNN4425B BT70 Battery (1400 mAh) for the SL300 series portable radios.  The sl..


Ten Pack 53964 Battery Li-ion 1500 mAh 3.6V

Motorola 53964 Battery Li-ion 1500 mAh 3.6V – Ten Pack ..


Ten Pack HNN9009AR Battery NiMH 1900 mAh 7.5V

Ten Pack Motorola HNN9009AR Battery NiMH 1900 mAh 7.5V for use with the HT and MTX Series Radios...


10 Pack PMNN4439A Motorola Original long-life clamshell battery

This clamshell battery holds 12 AA Alkaline or 12 AA non-rechargeable Lithium cells (not included) i..


Ten Pack PMNN4497AR Battery Li-ion, 1800 mAh

Ten Pack PMNN4497 3.7V Li-Ion 1800 mAh Battery from Motorola is a replacement battery..


Ten Pack of PMNN4080 Li-ion High Capacity 2150 mAh 7.4V Battery

Ten Pack of PMNN4080 Li-ion High Capacity 2150 mAh 7.4V Battery.  Works with the CP185 port..


Ten Pack of NNTN4851A Battery NIMH 1400 mAh STD

Ten Pack of NNTN4851A Battery ***REPLACES NNTN4496AR BATTERY*** Motorola batteries for two-way ra..


Motorola PMNN4058 NiMH Battery, 1400 mAh, 7.5V

Motorola Original Battery for the CT150, CT250, CT450. CT450 LS NiMh 1500mAh 7.5 Volts ..


Motorola Original 10 Pack of NTN9858 impres NiMH, 1850 mAh

NiMH 2100 mAh battery proivdes more talk-time per shift and is less prone to memory effect. IMPRES b..


Motorola Original Impres NNTN6034B Two-way radio battery - Li-Ion 4150 mAh

NNTN6034A Li-ion, 4150 mAh for the XTS3000, XTS3500, XTS5000 IMPRES batteries when used with an I..


Ten Pack of Motorola NNTN4852 NNTN4852A 1300 mAh NiMH FM Approved Battery

Ten Pack of Motorola NNTN485 Radiotwoway offers a wide variety of batteries to meet your needs. T..


Ten Pack of Motorola RLN6308 Two-way radio battery - Li-Ion

Ten Pack of Motorola RLN6308 Two-way radio battery - Li-Ion Li-Ion battery 2200 mAh Work ..


Ten Pack PMNN4448AR Motorola Original long-life, cold temperature battery

Ten Pack PMNN4448AR This Motorola Original® long-life, cold temperature lithium battery has up to..


NTN7484 - Carry Case With D Attachment

This D attachment allows you to hang your radio from your belt without a case or belt clip. The N..


WPPN4079 - BMS Battery Adapter (for use with NiCd & NiMH batteries)

This adapter is designed for MTX850, MTX8250, MTX950, MTX9250, HT750, HT1250, HT1550 and PR860 batte..


duplicate - Motorola PMNN4468 2300 mAh Li-ion Battery - SL300

PMNN4468 2300 mAh Li-ion Battery - SL300 / TLK 100 Lithium ion batteries are one of the most popu..


Ten Pack Motorola Original NNTN7036 Battery IMPRES I/S 2000mAh NiMH Ruggedi

Ten Pack of NNTN7036 NNTN7036 Radio Battery is a Motorola Original Impres Battery. The NNTN7036 B..


Ten Pack Motorola PMNN4406BR 1500 Mah Battery Motorola Original

Ten Pack PMNN4406 Li-ion 1500 mAh Battery - XPR 3300,3500,7550  IMPRES batteries when used w..


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