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VH-110S Over-Head, Heavy Duty Headset

Ideal for noisy environments, the Vertex Standard VH-110S is a heavy- duty dual muff, noise reductio..


LCC-264 Leather case with belt loop (FNB-V133LI-UNI)

  Ideal for display radios this leather carrying case protects your Vertex Standard radio. I..


VAC-6300B 120VAC 6 unit Multi-Rapid Charger w/ US power cable

Multi-unit charger for UNI Li-Ion batteries or radios. It can charge up to 6 radios or batteries at ..


RMK-4600 Remote mount kit

Remote mount kit for the VX-4500, VX-4600 mobile radios Does not include cable Cable Opti..


VH-215L Headset Lightweight Single Ear Motorola

VH-215S Lightweight Padded Headset, Single Ear Padded headset with a boom microphone, fits over t..


FNB-V128LI-UNI 2300 mAh Li-Ion Battery (VAC-UNI Charger)

FNB-V128LI-UNI 2300 mAh Li-Ion battery - UNI Lithium-Ion battery pack designed specifically for t..


AAD49X001 MLS-200 Waterproof External Speaker (12 Watt Peak)

Waterproof speaker for external mountings on vehicles that are exposed to the elements such as motor..


AAE51X001 CLIP-920 Belt Clip for the VX-920 Series (TM)

This is a VX-920 Series belt clip—original part number CLIP-920. Physical Characteristics We..


LCC-820SH Leather case with D Swivel. For use with VX-821/P821

LCC-820SH Black Leather case with D Swivel. For use with VX-821/P821 ..


AAD82X021 FNB-V86LI 7.4 V 1380mAh Li-ion Battery

Motorola Vertex Standard FNB-V86LI 7.4 V 1380 mAh Li-ion battery. Works with:  VX-..


VH-115L Behind the head, lightweight headset

Lightweight headset that fits behind the head with a single ear piece. Could be worn under a hat. In..


LCC-134SN swivel belt clip case (FNB-V134LI-UNI) no display

Protect your VX-451 radio with a leather carrying case with swivel belt loops to hold the radio firm..


VAC-40B Single Unit Charger

120 VAC desktop rapid charger for VXD-720 series radios Use with FNB-V116 or FNB-V117 ..


LCC-264SH Leather case with swivel belt loop (FNB-V134LI-UNI)

Ideal for display radios this leather carrying case protects your  radio. It holds the radio fi..


VAC-6920C 240VAC 6 unit Multi-Rapid Charger w/ EU power cable

Motorola XUAAE75X00102 VAC-6920C 240VAC 6 unit Multi-Rapid Charger with  EU power cab..


ATV-6B Antenna 150-163 MHz

Motorola ATV-6B VHF 3.5" stubby antenna 150-163mhz VX-160 VX-180 VX-230 VX-350 VX-410 VX-420 VX-820 ..


CT-110 Firmware writing cable (For use with the FIF-8)

Firmware writing cable For use with the FIF-8 Compatible with VX-820, VX-920, VX-P920, VX-P82..


VH-111 Heavy Duty, Dual Muff, Over the head style, with Boom Mic

Vertex VH-111 Heavy Duty Dual Muff, Over-the-Head headset, Boom Mic  Vertex Standard VH-111&..


AAL84X501 MH-102A4B 2 Wire Surveillance Kit

For use with compatible VX and EVX two-way radios, Communicate discreetly with a MH-101A4B two- wire..


ATU-21CS Super Stubby Antenna 420-440 MHZ

UHF Antenna, easily screws into your EVX radios.  420-440 MHz 2” (5,08 cm) ..


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