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ATU-6B Antenna 420-450 MHz

UHF flexible Whip Antenna, easily screws into your VX and EVX radios.  420 - 450MHz  6..


FNB-V104LI 7.4V 2300 mAh Li-Ion Battery (VAC-300 Charger Only)

Motorola Vertex Standard FNB-V104Li Lithium Ion Battery Pack. 2000 mAh. Works with:  &n..


Telecor CS-3 Push to call switch

Privacy / Normal Call Switch The CS-3 is equipped with a 3-position rocker switch, designed to provi..


AAG42X501 ATV-6XL Untunned VHF Antenna

  VHF Antenna, easily screws into your VX and EVX radios.  Untuned  7” (17.7..


MH-66B7A Submersible Speaker Microphone with 2 Programmable

MH-66B7A - Motorola Vertex Standard Submersible Microphone w.2 buttons and Audio Switch AAE46X002 ..


MMB-77 Locking Mobile Mounting Bracket for the VX-6000

Locking Vehicle bracket for the Motorola Vertex VX-6000 series mobile radio.   ..


Motorola DTT-1 (AAH29X001) desktop tray

Control station desktop mount for the Vertex VXD-7200 series mobile radios.   ..


ATU-6F 490-512 MHz Radiotwoway

UHF Antenna, easily screws into your VX and EVX radios.  485-520 MHz  5.35” (13.58..


ATU-16BS UHF 400-430 MHz Stubby

UHF Antenna, easily screws into your VX radios.  400-430 MHz 3.43” (8.7 cm) ..


Hirsch ID Card - Secure Badgeholder

Electromagnetically opaque shielded contactless smart card holder. Transparent cover for visual insp..


FNB-V129LIIS 3000 mAh Li-Ion Battery, Intrinsically Safe

FNB-V129LIIS-UNI 3000mAh Li-Ion Intrinsically Safe Battery. Intrinsically safe, Lithium -Ion battery..


MMB-75 Mobile Mounting Bracket - Original Bracket

Motorola MMB-75 (AAB26X001) mobile radio mounting bracket. This is the standard bracket supplie..


CT-161 programming cable port w/ 14pin connector

Programming cable with 14 pin connection for use with the FRB-6 tuning interface. Compatible with..


CT-104A Interface Cable for FIF-12

Pigtail interface cable For use with the FIF-10A radio interface box Compatible with VX-3200,..


CT-127 Keyloader adapter cable for VX-P820 870 VX-P92 970 series P25 radios

Keyloader cable for VX-P820/870 & VX-P920/970 series P25 radios with encryption option ..


AAL01X501 FNB-V136-UNI 1200 mAh Ni-MH Battery

Ni-MH battery for the VX-261,VX-264,VX450,EVX-261 Motorola Original ..


FNB-V126LI-UNI 2300 mAh Li-Ion Battery

FNB-V126LI-UNI - Motorla Vertex Standard Original Battery 2300 mAh LiIon UNI AAJ60X001 -- For use wi..


MH-53A8A Heavy Duty Weatherproof Noise Canceling DTMF Microphone (for use w

The Vertex Standard MH-53A8A Mobile Weatherproof Heavy Duty Microphone provides Push-To-Talk (PTT) f..


AAM02X501 MH-201A4B, Heavy Duty Headset, Over the Head, IS

The MH-201 A4B is a heavy duty headset for use with compatible VX and EVX radios. It features a ..


Telecor CS-2 Push to call switch

Call Station The CS-2 Call Station is designed for use with Telecor Administrative CommunicationSyst..


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